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November 10th

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Uncategorized / Young Adult Fiction

I know that I have been using the word “death” a lot, but I don’t mean to be morbid or anything. It’s just that I can’t stand those awful alternatives “passed away” and “passed on.” People who use those terms always sound so full of false sympathy to me. Whenever I hear someone say, “I was terribly sorry to hear that so and so passed away,” a chill runs down my spine and I can’t […]

October 13th

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adolescent fiction / Young Adult Fiction

I don’t know exactly how old I was when I started to read, but I do know that my passion for books began long before my mother died. Until she got too sick to get out of bed anymore, we always made a weekly trip to the library to check out new stories to read. One time, the librarian in charge of the children’s department told my mother that she felt that I had already […]

October 6th

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Young Adult Fiction

  I love to read. Give me a book – any book – and I will devour it. Television is fun to watch in the afternoons, the internet is an infinite information resource, and movies can be absolutely magical, but there isĀ nothingĀ in this world that rivals the pleasure that I get from reading a book. I love the fact that I can be squeezed between two friends on the school bus, sitting in a noisy […]